In an emergency seconds can count.  Can paramedics see your address?

It is important to remember that paramedics may not have been to your residence in the past and they will need to be able to see your address from the street in the dark of night. So how can you make sure that paramedics can find your address quickly?

There is no standard size, colour and position that house numbers need to be located and every house is different.  When responding to your address paramedics will have to slow down and scan the houses to find yours.  So what can we do to make it easier for Paramedics to find you in an emergency.

  1. Make sure your house numbers a visible. Stand at the end of your driveway and look from different angles, can you see the numbers from a distance?  Make sure to clear bushes and tree branches away so that your numbers can be easily seen.
  2. House Numbers.  Are the numbers to residence large enough to be seen?  Do the colours blend in to the brick work or paint?  Quite often choices for house numbers are made for aesthetic purposes but while they may look nice they may not be the easiest to be seen from the road at night.  Traditional brass numbers tend to be small and blend in to brick work, as do the black powder coated numbers.  Try to select larger numbers and position them in a prominent location where they can be easily seen and away from recessed areas.  When selecting or placing your house numbers try to use a colour that will stand out from the colour of the paint or the brick.  The contrast can make it much easier for paramedics to spot your house.
  3. Lighting.  Are your house numbers lit at night?  Is there a street light that illuminates your address or does exterior lighting. Make sure that bulbs are changed and that the light is adequate that your numbers stand out from a distance.

In addition to the these tips you can tell the dispatcher when calling 911 what your house looks like, the colour of your front door, what kind of car is in the driveway (if you have the time you can even turn on the 4 way hazard lights on your car) etc.  Paramedics will be able to find you with just your address but this extra information can make it easier for them to do so and will help them get to you faster.